HALLO HAPPINESS Sometimes it helps to talk “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive." Berne brown. Get Started Your emotional first aid. How are you feeling today? In our fast paced life and no ‘me time’ anxiety, loneliness are common emotions being experienced by people. Get Started Lonely, Anxious, Depressed, Restless Do you experience Are you a robot not to feel any emotional upheaval? If you are an emotional, sensitive, caring human being you are bound to have such experiences sometimes. Get Started Bouts of crying, Drained of Energy or Motivation, Constant low mood Dark moods, Sudden Plunges, Unable to focus Our special support for COVID 19 With the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, Immunity and Mental Health have taken a centre stage in our lives for holistic health and well being. Get Started Emotional Health & Immunity Get in touch now to feel better Our experience shows that early intervention is the key to success for emotional health. Get in touch to start dealing with your daily hurts before it becomes a deeper trauma. Contact now for a confidential, safe, secure chat/audio/video call. Avoid those traffic Jams in the mind Get Started


Our motto for successful treatment is based on the World Health Organistion’s (WHO) philosophy of “Mental Health for all by involving all”.

We understand that the roller coaster we call life can be easy but also burdensome. Due to the fast pace of life it is difficult to balance the seamless integration of good interpersonal relationships, work-life balance, familial bonding and much needed ‘me time’.

Our Services

Hallo Happiness is a leading network of counsellors and psychologists. We provide professional, evidence-based counselling that is effective, affordable and client-centred.

Peer pressure, Doubts, Anxiety, apprehensions…….

Are there unique answers or does one bill fit all..?

Immunity and emotional health, Loneliness, Engagement……

Countries all over the world are formulating laws in acceptance...

Achievers, New mother’s, Housewife………

We Provides complete package for Immunity, mental health counselling...

Dilemma’s of bringing up the Millennial child

Physical health support system, workshops, individual counselling.

Say hello to Hallo Happiness

In a room full of people you can still feel lonely, as human beings, being heard is an integral part of our lives.

Our trained listeners are here to give you complete attention that you deserve.

For the private space

On the move

For the lonely

Why HalloHappiness ?

Safe, Secure, Confidential, Ethical, Trusted.

6 reasons to Choose us

  1. We are uniquely placed as we practice body, mind, spirit Energy as a holistic system of healing.
  2. We are the essential, initial 20% which triggers any healing in a patient, as ‘mind’ is the origin of any recovery.
  3. Unique feature of Immunity work up for youth and elderly structured after a blood test and monitored by an eminent Infectious Diseases specialist Dr Om Shrivastav, Director ID, Jaslok Hospital Mumbai.
  4. We combine Ancient knowledge viz Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam and Sanskrit language known for its calming effect and focussed mind.
  5. Sessions prescribed after studying your issues unique to your requirement of body and mind.
  6. For teenagers and adolescent method unique to their individual needs designed after a psychometric test for wholesome experience of life.

All around dramatic shifts are happening in medicine, ailments and healing. The world has moved from “treating symptoms, disease’ to ‘preventive mode’ and shown respect to holistic movement..  Read More

Avoid those traffic jams in the mind

Our pool of listeners have combined experience of more than 3000 hours of counselling.


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Establishing and sustaining trusted partnerships

  • It was a exhilarating feeling to be able to talk to one of your listener, whom I did not know and she didn’t know me. The anonymous  situation helped me a lot to speak freely.

    Thank you Hallohappiness.

    Abhisar2006 Treated for 2 weeks
  • In life some situations cannot be spoken about to anyone, they go with you to your grave.  It was necessary to speak to someone non-judgmental – happily I found one with you. It was a surprise and a strange bond with the counselor.

    You bet I am coming back to my buddy again and again.

    Bshriniti Visitor
  • Life can change dramatically. I never thought so… in my story so many strange thing happened in my past that I did not have any hope with something as on- line counseling. But it helped – and how.

    My life changed and will never go the old path.

    Happy18 X Patient