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Continue As Speaker

Do you have something on your mind that is bothering you? Do you need to talk about it, in confidence? Connect with our available listeners or seek an appointment to talk your heart out in a safe, secure, confidential atmosphere. Continue up as ‘speaker’ and choose the package that best suits you to chat/talk with our experienced counsellors.

Join As A Listener

Do you have two empathetic ears? Are you curious to know the underlying emotion in a conversation? Can you be non judgemental and not let your past experiences overshadow your ability to absorb? We are mostly hearing and not listening because we want to be ready with our response. If you think you fit the bill please volunteer to be ‘listener’ and answer the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. The test is not any reflection on you, it is designed to fit our requirement. You will be notified the outcome by mail within 48 hours.

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