Our special support for Adolescents/ Teenagers

Peer pressure, Doubts, Anxiety, apprehensions…….

At Hallohappiness we understand the pressures of an adolescent mind. Anxiety, doubts, apprehensions combined with the burden of social media are common issues faced by today’s teenagers. Lack of availability of a conducive atmosphere in close circle of family and friends makes it difficult to confide or express your deepest emotions. Emotional healing requires the warm…… Our team of expert ‘Listeners’ is equipped to help you overcome these problems by speaking to them in confidence without inhibitions. Give yourself a chance, get in touch now.

Our special support for Adults/Elderly

Immunity and emotional health, Loneliness, Engagement……

Get started now- In German there is a word called Doppelganger, which means a friendly ghost. Your immune system is your doppelganger. It is the response your body has prepared against any trauma, insult or injury, mental or physical. A robust system will ensure that infections will pass you by without lasting damage, just as the weakened immune system will prolong physical infirmity, or invite mental ineptitude including gloominess, sense of despair, lack of initiative and interest in some situations, depression and social ideation.

Fortunately there is help available. Your immune system has compartments that can be quantified and measured by a blood test and your system can be strengthened gradually, enough to give you a better quality of life.

Your mental health and immunity are two aspects that determine your holistic wellness. A periodic evaluation will be structured to offer you outcomes with precision for your current stste and what will most likely be your future direction.

Our special support for The special women

Achievers, New mother’s, Housewife………

Get started- In a home full of people you can still feel lonely. Women very often live a life of adjectives. If you assume responsibility as a daughter, they say “you are like a son” if you are a working woman and a home keeper you are labelled as “super woman”, if you have a career and give it up after marriage you are the one who has “sacrificed” in life, if you don’t you are labelled as “selfish”. But these labels mean nothing unless converted into expressed emotions and actions. We work on all such emotional trauma’s and also hold your hand for post partem depression.

Our special support for Parents

Dilemma’s of bringing up the Millenial child

Get started – Parenting has never been so demanding for any previous generations. In the past Critical corrections were inevitable and parents were regarded with love and respect, both, by the children.

In the current scenario critical parenting has been consistently associated with depression and, to a lesser extent, anxiety. It is hypothesized that parents who criticise and minimise the child’s feelings, undermine the child’s emotion regulation and increase their sensitivity to emotional health problems such as anxiety and depression. We strive to cover those emotional bridges of communication gap to make the ride, smooth.

Our special support for couples in COVID 19

The new normal as an after effect of the pandemic has opened emotional doors locked previously. Henceforth, the emotional quotient is heightened and sometimes ir-reversable rifts are visible in close partners. What is the way forward? Are there unique answers or does one bill fit all? Is a relationship sustainable after these times with frugal materialistic existence as sources of income have depleted?

We hold your hand and navigate you through some very difficult situations and reality in making the decisions which not only affects you but the whole Eco system surrounding you.

Our special support for LGBTQ community

Countries all over the world are formulating laws in acceptance and non discrimination of people falling in the LGBTQ  community. The rightful fight for equal rights and freedom of partner preference has brought in more and more acceptance in the society. Although things have moved in the positive direction and there is a lot more acceptance than before but within the boundaries of families, homes, schools, acceptance still remains a constant struggle.