About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

Life can be overwhelming at times. The sheer intensity of emotions, or the lack of it, can sometimes make us search for help. Feeling stuck especially, can be a very hard, scary and self-critical place to be, but you are not alone in this emotional sharing. You’d be surprised to find out how many of us experience a phase, where the only obstacle we face is our own mind.

At HalloHappiness, we provide an emotional support that you can access as an alternate support system. It is affordable, and fits into your routine seamlessly without the awkwardness of having to visit an actual therapist in real time. Our ethos rests on a simple mantra, “there’s nothing a helping hand cannot fix” and we provide that in our Online counseling. Our listeners can really make a difference and enhance the quality of life by resolving mental health issues in the most unobtrusive way .

Our trained listeners help you address the situation you are in and provide emotional help to clear your head and restore mental peace. If it is clinical help that you need, our listeners can provide you guidance in the right direction, or they are accessible at the click of a button to chat/talk.

Give yourself a chance. Say Hallo to Happiness!


Evidence based psychological interventions, such as:

  • Basic versions of cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy

  • Self-help materials drawing from evidence-based psychological treatment principles, in the form of: – Self-help books – Self-help audiovisual materials – Online self-help interventions.

  • Guided self-help in the form of individual or group programs, providing people with guidance in using the above mentioned self-help materials.

  • Self-Help Add on. A multi-media stress management self-help package (a pre-recorded audio course supplemented with a self-help book.

  • Step-by-Step. Online (E-Mental Health) intervention based on behavioural activation with or without minimal support from a non-specialist worker.

  • Helping Youth and Adolescents Cope. Distress and Depression.

  • Multi-component behavioural intervention which can be delivered by specialists or non-specialists for adults in communities affected by adversity.

  • We will provide videos for Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam and Mind-Fullness which are great tools along with group activity.