Hope – the healthy option!

Years ago, in a flight while opening up conversation with a co-passenger, his statement expressing hopelessness about the situation in the country, gripped me. While the situation was grim I never thought of it as hopeless and did visualize a silver lining somewhere in the dark clouds. Today when I have ‘speakers’ on Hallohappiness who […]
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Life is not a gamble …. Play your cards carefully.

Some client live life as though there is no tomorrow, suffer from the syndrome (FOMO) fear of missing out  and end up in a mess being visible at all the places after saying ‘YES’ and feel miserable about it later. One ‘speaker’ confessed that accepting all those Christmas and New year parties was primarily to be […]
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Action inaction mindfulness

A distraught mother of 15 year old boy was unable to convince herself that she is doing the best for her son. Although I tried to convince her that not just children but adults are also suffering from the syndrome of ‘TOO’ as I call it, she just couldn’t come to agree. The syndrome of […]
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